Welcome To The Trading Card Exchange

What is the Trading Card Exchange?           

Have you ever found yourself searching for that one missing parallel, or maybe that last 1 of 1 to complete your personal collection? Maybe you’re in the market for some unopened wax, or the latest cases, boosters or packs for your breaks? Want to track and manage your collection all in one place?

Maybe you’d like to check your card’s value, or start a wish list?

Whether you’re a casual collector or a prominent purchaser, the Trading Card Exchange will change the way you buy and sell for the better!

The Trading Card Exchange is a brand-new platform designed specifically for those looking to buy and sell trading cards and unopened wax or packs. Our fees are the lowest in the industry. We ensure the quality and accuracy of every order placed through our live marketplace. And we make life easier for casual collectors and dealers alike.

With this all in one place, why would you ever auction a card again?

Why buy and sell with the Trading Card Exchange?

Let’s face it, buying and selling trading cards is more difficult than need be.

You could buy off of ‘that big auction site’, but who’s to say what will come in the mail. You could also sell on ‘that big auction site’ where charge back and bait-and-switch fraud run unchecked and you’re charged just to list.

You could buy off of large warehouse operations, but you’ll be waiting months for your cards. Maybe you’d like to try selling on those same sites. You better like fees because you’ll be charged more selling with them than ‘that big auction site’. Shocking, we know.

You could even buy off of other trading card dealing sites, but you’ll be charged for every little thing you do. After paying shipping, handling, processing, possibly customs and processing fees AND you may not even get the correct item. You could always sell on these same sites, but you better not care too much about customer service, or getting your slab in one piece, or keeping your hard-earned money

It’s time for a change. This hobby deserves better, far better.

That’s why the Trading Card Exchange was born!

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Building a personal player collection is a goal many sports trading card collectors use to follow the various options available in the market for their favorite players. Start your player collection today with TCE on your side!

Gone are the days of exorbitant auction and commission fees. Waiting months for cards, only for them to arrive in shambolic condition. Paying money just to list YOUR cards. Receiving blatantly incorrect orders. Neglectful and downright disrespectful customer service. Chasing payments, dodging bait-and-switch’ers and ridiculous rating systems.

Need I go on?  

We aren’t here to nickel and dime you. We’ll never ‘bait-and-switch’ you. We’ll never send you someone else’s order. We will always take your call or respond to your emails. We will always protect you from scammers. We will always treat your cards as if they were our own.

Our mission is to make buying and selling trading cards, unopened wax, sets, boxes, boosters, cases and more as safe, and simple as possible for the trading community.

We are the Trading Card Exchange, and we’re changing the game for the better!

How does the Trading Card Exchange work?

Buying and selling on the Trading Card Exchange couldn’t be more straightforward!

Buying is simple. Simply add the desired product to your cart, and checkout! We’ve made shipping foolproof! Simply select your desired shipping class from our three secure options or contact us for special accommodations!

Selling is simple. List ANY card, box case or otherwise in a about a minute or two! Just give us a brief description of your card, and the condition, snap some pictures and name your price! Hit list and your card will be in front of thousands of potential buyers immediately. If you have a large collection, we’re happy to import your collection onto our exchange within certain file formats.

Trading cards cover many different industries, such as sports, gaming and entertainment. We trade it all on TCE.

When your card is sold, we’ll send you a free shipping label. You ship your card to us within two days of its purchase and let us handle the rest. We’ll process your card, and have you paid the same day we receive it! (barring any catastrophic acts of God or nature)

It’s that simple.

Trading Card Exchange Opening Day!

We are extremely excited to announce the initial beta release of our platform will take place July 20th! Coinciding with our release, we’ll be offering sellers the lowest commission rates possible. While we’d like to keep the exact details of this promotion confidential for now, you certainly won’t want to miss it!

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TCE makes it simple and easy to purchase cards you want to add to your collection. Our multi-vendor platform offers great opportunity for hobbyists and dealers alike.

See You Soon!

With the grand opening of our platform now, we are absolutely ecstatic to show you what we’ve been working so hard to bring you! This is a platform for the hobby, by the hobby. Thus, we are always open and willing to listen to and try any suggestions or solutions brought to TCE!

Additionally, we’ll be updating our platform frequently! As with any process, we are constantly learning, thus we are always refining and improving the Trading Card Exchange. We know that this first step of just releasing our platform is only the beginning of our journey. Rest assured we are striving to continuously improve with the goal of revolutionizing the hobby we all know and love!

Thanks for visiting our site. We look forward to welcoming you all to the future of the hobby!

Alex Shields, Owner, Trading Card Exchange